caroline-keller-winterIn 1998, Caroline “Polly” Keller Winter founded Keller Enterprises with the vision that it could be an enterprise cooperatively, imaginatively and productively run by subsequent generations of the Keller Family.  We honor her vision though our Mission and Values, which guide and instruct all we do at Keller Enterprises. While she no longer takes an active part in the management of the family business, she is an acute observer and when called upon for advice, gives it freely.

“While the breadth and scope of Keller Enterprises has grown and changed since its founding in 1998, it remains true to the core family values on which it was based; stewardship, industriousness, responsible citizenship, transparency, respect, courage. It delights me that the second and third generations have new ideas and have exercised their responsibility in a capable manner.”

Mrs. Winter attended Mary Baldwin College from which she holds an honorary degree. She was a founding member of the Arkansas Community Foundation, and the Foundation of the Mid South; a long time member of the boards of General Theological Seminary and the Episcopal Church Foundation. Mrs. Winter passed away in 2014.  She lived for much of her life on Inglewood Plantation, a core part of Keller Enterprises.