Keller Enterprises is a family company integrating venture investing, venture philanthropy and venture farming. Our operating business, Inglewood Farm, is located in central Louisiana.

Our Mission

  • To build the assets of Keller Enterprises, LLC by seeking opportunities that we can obtain more effectively working together than we can on our own.
  • In so doing, to enrich the lives of our members, employees, and the communities to which we, as a family, are connected.
  • To deliver long-term returns to our members by seeking ventures, partnerships and investments that reflect our family’s core values.

Our Values


We foster a culture that encourages members and employees to be productive and industrious.


We do not take for granted the opportunities afforded to us by preceding generations.  With these opportunities comes responsibility, and with our history as our guide, we will be responsible stewards of the assets we manage.

Responsible Citizenship

We endeavor to be good citizens of our communities, generous managers of our employees, and thoughtful investors of our assets; and all of these with an awareness of our responsibility and desire to protect our environment.


Recognizing that our family legacy is one of good faith and clarity of purpose we will pursue opportunities that we clearly understand, and partners who value transparency and conduct business in such a manner.


We will operate in a manner that encourages all members to become engaged and participate in family business affairs.  We strive to create an environment characterized by mutual respect, in which every member’s views are heard and valued.


We believe that our family’s success in business is a product of thoughtful, considered risk-taking and that our future success will be as well; and in the pursuit of such opportunities we should never be afraid to do what is right and stand up for the greater good.