Our Philanthropic Vision

The philanthropic vision of Keller Enterprises is inspired by the mission and values that guide all of our ventures:

  • We invest in projects that bring our family together in a common pursuit. This means fewer, more significant, high-impact grants.  This approach allows us to efficiently concentrate our resources, both human and financial.
  • We focus only on initiatives and projects serving the communities to which we as a family are connected.  Our lives are better for what these communities and the people who live there have given us and we seek to honor that through our reinvestment in these communities.
  • The projects and organizations with whom we partner must reflect our core values: industriousness, stewardship, responsible citizenship, transparency, respect and courage.

All philanthropic investment decisions are based upon careful deliberation and due diligence.  Unsolicited requests for funding are not considered.

Current Keller Enterprises Philanthropic Investments:

The Good Food Project

On March 17, 2011, Keller Enterprises had the great pleasure of announcing our funding of $1.1 million to start the Good Food Project, a partnership with the Central Louisiana Community Foundation and the Food Bank of Central Louisiana to develop a network of community gardens and related community enrichment programs at the Food Bank site here in Alexandria.


Keller Enterprises funded the Good Food Project with the following goals in mind:

  • To raise awareness and access to fresh delicious produce for those in need;
  • To influence positive eating habits, and begin to make a dent in curbing obesity and diabetes, health epidemics which have plagued Central Louisiana;
  • To positively impact our community by bringing together a diverse group of individuals and groups, across age levels and socioeconomic backgrounds, through volunteer opportunities, outreach programs, and gardening classes; and
  • To inspire others to invest in Central Louisiana in similarly significant ways, either through the Good Food Project, or others initiatives that respond to a community need and suit their personal and/or professional vision.

The Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance: Local Food Initiative 

In 2014 the Keller Enterprises partnered with the Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance’s (CLEDA) Local Foods Initiative. The Central Louisiana Local Foods Initiative seeks to increase access to, demand for and production of locally grown produce while creating a vibrant, regional food economy. Since it was launched in 2012, the Local Foods Initiative has emerged as the central organizing force behind the burgeoning food moment in Central Louisiana.  CLEDA is bringing the different stakeholders together, connecting the dots, and taking the ideas discussed around different tables and making them a reality.   They have partnered with service agencies and projects across the nine parishes of Central Louisiana, including the Food Bank of Central Louisiana and the Good Food Project.  CLEDA is working with farmers and growers across the region, including our own Inglewood Farm, to increase production capacity, marketing skills and retail and wholesale outlets for fresh, locally grown food.  At Keller Enterprises we believe that these efforts present the region with the best opportunity we have seen, since the Good Food Project, to make significant progress toward increasing access to healthy food in Central Louisiana.  It is an investment in the right people, with the right goals at the right time.


Central Louisiana is Keller Enterprises’ home.  We would love nothing more than knowing that through these philanthropic projects we have inspired other families, individuals, businesses, and corporations to contribute their philanthropic dollars in this community.